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The scholarship cell is under the charge of a Scholarship Nodal Officer, appointed by the Principal. The present Nodal Officer is Mr. Mohd. Aalim. All the Department heads are the members of the Scholarship Cell. Apart from this, conveners are appointed in each major department assisted by an administrative staff for assuring that all eligible students receive scholarships timely. The college intends to make the academic programmes of the institution more attractive by trying all students to receive one scholarship or free-ship. As most of the scholarships are based on merit, the students are motivated to sustain and improve their academic standard. Attracting meritorious students, sustaining their performance and increasing their competence are the major benefits we aim at through this practice. As most of our students hail from financially poor background, any financial assistance is a sine qua non for the completion of the programmes they are enrolled in.

Different types of scholarships and free-ship schemes introduced by central and state governments are made available to the students on time by the institution. The following are the main scholarships and free ships disbursed among the students.

  1. Higher Education Scholarship
  2. Central sector scholarship
  3. Post metric Scholarship
  4. State merit scholarship
  5. Muslim Girls scholarship
  6. Blind/PH scholarship
  7. Post-Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child