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Nutrition Laboratory

  • To acquired knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its application for practice of nutrition.


  • To describe the relationship between nutrition and health.
  • To describe the classification, functions, sources and recommended daily allowance of Nutrients.
  • To describe the sources, Functions, and requirements of water and electrolytes.
  • To describe various national programmes related to nutrition.


  • We have well ventilated and well furnished nutrition Lab.
  • • We have facilities in nutrition Lab. Like glassware articles, refrigerator, Mixture, Dinner Set, DinningTable with Chair, Table met, stove, weighting machine.


  • To introduce students about Cookery rules and Preservation of nutrients.
  • To prepare and serve simple beverages and different types of foods.
  • To aware about principles, methods of cooking and serving.
  • To give knowledge regarding calculation of balance diet for different categories of people.