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  • Students are advised to use the Main Gate only for their entry and exit.
  • Students must acquaint themselves and act according to the notice board information.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to consume pan-masala, tobacco, alcohol or smoking etc. within the campus & hostel.
  • Waste papers, peel-offs etc. should not be thrown anywhere in the campus except in the dustbins.
  • Loitering in the campus is not permissible.
  • Misuse of the gardens, trees & flower plucking is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to use their cell phones while in the academic block.
  • Edibles / Soft drinks are not allowed during class hours.
  • Students should not use foul language while communicating with anybody and avoid conflicts.


  • Librarian has the right to recall any book at any time.
  • Books borrowed must be returned in time. i.e., on or before the due date, otherwise he/she will be treated as a defaulter. All the Defaulters shall be charged fine @ Rs. 1.00 per day. If the borrowed books are not returned within the next 7 days, the membership of the defaulters shall be terminated and suitable action will be taken. Fine will be realized by the accounts section.
  • Entry by Identity Card only.
  • In absence of Identity Card an authority letter (which is valid for a day alone) from the Administrative Officer is compulsory.
  • Students shall observe silence in the library.
  • Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Students shall not engage in conversation in any part of the library so as to cause annoyance to the other readers.
  • No one shall write upon damage or mark any book belonging to the library.
  • Students are responsible for any damage caused by them to the books or any other property belonging to the library and shall be required to pay penalty imposed by the librarian.
  • Personal belongings, library books issued are not allowed inside the library.
  • Students caught tearing pages/stealing books will be suspended from using the library facilities and further disciplinary action will be initiated against them.
  • Security check is compulsory for all before leaving the Library. Students leaving the library should offer him/her for security check at the exit point, so that the material borrowed and being taken out of the library by them may be checked.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Before leaving the stack room/circulation desk, the student shall satisfy that the book lent is in sound condition and if not, the student shall immediately bring the matter to the notice of the staff, otherwise the student is liable to be held responsible for the replacement of the book with a sound copy.
  • It is forbidden to deface library documents, offenders will be subjected to severe disciplinary action by the institute.


  • Punctuality is essential for all the students.
  • Students must be well dressed (neither very loose nor very tight clothing) shoes are mandatory.
  • Students are advised not to sit/rest on experimental tables, machines base or foundation.
  • Students must keep their belongings/bags at the allocated place.
  • Complete all the assignments and lab files before comming to lab.
  • Test/viva examination after the completion of 1/3 experiments, to evaluate the progress will be conducted.
  • Fine is imposed if the student damages any instrument, device, apparatus, tool etc.
  • Students are advised to use the lab consumables and chemicals with the
  • permission of their Lab Instructor. Wastage of lab consumables, chemicals etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • All the students will be issued I-Card from the Administrative office.
  • I-Card is compulsory. Students are required to bring their ID cards every day to the institute and shall produce it as and when asked.
  • Loss/Theft/Damage should be reported immediately to the Administrative Officer.
  • Duplicate Card shall be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-.
  • While leaving the Institute I-Card must be submitted to the Administrative Officer.