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Community Health Nursing Laboratory

Community Health Nursing is the community oriented primary health care programme and the integration of community medicine with the primary health care of individual and community


  • To probide excellent practical orientation of both urban and rural communities so that student can recognize importance of health, prevemtion of disease and promotion of health..


  • Students render comprehensive care to the individual family and community.
  • Students develops clinical skills.
  • Students are able to involve in community participation.
  • Students develop IPR with the village leaders, community and other agencies.
  • Students organize, assist and conduct health camp.
  • Students organize; assist conduct the school health and child health programme.


  • In our institute the community lab is proper equipped and well furnished with healthy environment of learning.
  • The lab consist of the all equipment for providing the basic care in term of primary health care like community bag, Maternity kit and others.
  • The lab is arranged in such a manner that the student of the nursing programme can practice the procedure and make their effective A.V aids by using various charts displayed in community health care and education programme for raising the health status of individual.
  • The college is providing all the necessary articles to student for their better understanding.